The Young Buck

Kids haircut (12 and under)

The Weed  Whacker

Haircut (various styles)

*Special designs priced at barbers' discretion

The Abe Lincoln

Haircut + Beard line up

The Benjamin Button

Senior citizens haircut (65 and wiser)

What We Offer


The Bush Whacker

Edge up / Line up

       The Catch Our Fade Special

                  Haircut + Beard line up + Hot towel

About Our Shop


Catch Our Fade Barbershop is all about YOU.  After the perfect cut or styling, when you take a look in the mirror, how do you feel?  Like a champ.  Like you have enough confidence and swagger to take on the world.  We at Catch Our Fade Barbershop are in tune with that feeling, and it's our job to deliver that feeling every time you get up from the chair.  We are known for our modern barbershop vibe and classic shave and cut styling.  We collectively have gone through extensive training and are adept at virtually every style.  Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look, we're the barbershop for you!  Ready to Catch Our Fade?

The Four Star 

Military haircut (ID required)

The Scholar

High school & College haircut (ID required)

The Special

Haircut + Hot towel